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Why the need for Cyber Liability?

  • Evolving and growing exposure, as the majority of businesses are totally reliant on IT for storing important and confidential data and conducting business online.
  • In addition to high profile incidents (wannacry), many go unreported to avoid negative publicity.    
  • Impending GDPR Regulation.
  • Mandatory breach reporting.

How an incident can affect business

  • 1st Party Losses including:
    • Interruption to normal flow of business
    • Additional IT/ Forensics/PR costs to manage reputational damage and potential ransom attacks,
  • 3rd Party Losses
    • Liability Issues as there may be legal action, regulatory sanctions and fines, where client data is lost.  

Types of Incidents

  • Hacking
  • Ransom attacks
  • Social engineering
  • Phishing
  • Viruses
  • Human error
  • Malicious  employees
  • Loss of credit cards, mobile device, USB keys, etc.
  • Document loss
  • Password misuse


  • IT security software
  • Business protocols for IT and DP security
  • Insurance.

In addition to the costs of restoring physical data, cover can be arranged for:

  • Incident response by experts who work in partnership with Insurers
  • IT forensic costs to identify the source of the breach
  • Costs of notifying third parties, including affected customers
  • Credit and identity theft monitoring
  • Cost of attending investigations with regulators i.e. the Data Protection Commissioner
  • Fines and penalties (excluding criminal fines)
  • Liability to third parties and the associated legal costs arising from a breach
  • Public Relations costs in connection with reputational damage.

The Insurer will also provide assistance with measures and resources to assist you with Data Breach Protection.

We can arrange specific and cost effective solutions which will provide a comprehensive level of protection to protect your business.

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